DevNet Create Welcomes Holberton School

:Where Users meet Applications & Infrastructures What is Cisco DevNet? Approximately 3 years ago, Cisco launched DevNet, which is a developer program, providing sandboxes, labs, api’s, and a variety of other tools that help you to produce Cisco-enabled applications to sell and/or use to enhance or manage existing Cisco networks. DevNet is Cisco’s platform to support leading software development integrations with Cisco’s technology. Cisco’s DevNet conference, DevNet Create, hosted in silicon valley, was a successful opportunity for DevNet to outreach to a new community of developers, especially those unaware that Cisco is not just a hardware provider. The first ever DevNet Create, framed as The IoT and cloud developer conference, where applications meet infrastructure supported developers to better understand and utilize the connection between the 2 large hemispheres of the cloud and infrastructure. The conference offered 2 major tracks: (1) the cloud & DevOps track and the (2) IOT & […]

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