What Happens When You Type …com in Your Browser and Hit Enter?

This post is based on the commonly referenced question, “what happens when you type www.google.com into the browser and hit enter, but uses https://www.holbertonschool.com/ as the example input. Before we begin, most browser’s have developer tools, which make it helpful to understand more about the code that powers a website. Since for the time being, I most often use Google Chrome, I’ve provided an example below of a section of the Chrome developer tools that I will reference in this post. To learn more about Chrome Dev Tools, visit, Network Analysis Reference. Concepts Covered: Browser, Cache, Hosts File DNS request, TCP/IP Firewall, HTTPS/SSL, Load-balancer Web server, Application server, Database Local Machine and Local Area Network: Browser auto-complete: your browser has it’s own auto-complete system based on history, cache, and bookmarks.  Assuming the site has never been visited, auto-complete will not be used, and the user will input the entire string, https://www.holbertonschool.com/. FQDN: The user input in this case happens to […]

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